NRES 101 – Wildlife Conservation in the 21st Century

This course is an introduction to the conservation, diversity and ecology of animals. The diversity of fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds both around the world and in Illinois will be explored. The course will have a strong conservation component where students are introduced to a variety of threats facing animals. The students will be introduced to how to manage sustainable wildlife populations. The students will be exposed to current issues in Illinois to illustrate how people and animals can co-occur and a broad overview of the management, restoration, and conservation techniques.

NRES 285 – Field Experience

Field based course that exposes students to procedures and methods used in various resource settings in a hands-on manner. Includes weekly field trips to visit representative natural resource and environmental science settings with supporting laboratory exercises. Content of offerings vary by section, but all focus on resource management, environmental quality and assessment, and effects of consumption and use on the environment. Field trips required. Additional fees may apply. See Class Schedule. May be repeated in the same or subsequent semesters to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: NRESĀ 201 and NRESĀ 219.

NRES 348 – Fish & Wildlife Ecology

Application of ecological principles and modeling to management of fish and wildlife populations; significance of abiotic and biotic factors, including life-history parameters in population growth and management; and techniques and procedures for the development of management strategies for animal populations, emphasizing vertebrates. A course in statistics is highly recommended. Same as IB 348. Prerequisite: IB 203 or NRES 219.