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Audubon: “Revealing the Mysteries of Whip-poor-wills—and What It Might Take to Save Them” Fall 2023

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ACES News: “Songbird parents evict young for their own benefit” 11/16/20

CNN: “Songbirds evict some chicks, sacrificing them to give others a better chance of survival” 11/16/20

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Illinois News Bureau: “Structures near airports increase risk of airplane-goose collisions” 11/21/19

NPR WILL: “One Way To Make Flyover Country More Welcoming To Migrating Birds” (Golden-plover Research). 4/23/19

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Department of Defense ESTCP Project of the Year: Conspecific Attraction as a Management Tool for Endangered and At-Risk Species on Military Lands” 12/4/18

Wisconsin State Journal: “Kirtland’s warbler has its most successful Wisconsin breeding season” 12/27/15

Illinois News Bureau: “Juvenile cowbirds sneak out at night, study finds” 11/2/15

Illinois News Bureau: “No-till soybean fields give (even some rare) birds a foothold in Illinois” 1/21/14

“Bird’s Eye View” Trailer Tracking birds across the Gulf of Mexico 2014

Corps of Engineers – Interior Least Tern Floating Habitat Project Youtube (Establishing Least Terns with Conspecific Attraction) 4/11/11

Chicago Tribune: “New study tracks Illinois’ bird population over 100 years (100 year bird survey) 3/27/11

Herald & Review: “Illinois bird book is the result of 100 years of study” (100 year bird survey) 1/9/11

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