Graduate & Undergraduate Opportunities

We are seeking a graduate student (likely a MS student) to study the migratory routes and migration behavior of Kirtland’s Warblers in Michigan. The research will use multi-sensor geolocators and quantitative analysis to fill critical knowledge gaps associated with the migratory behavior of this species. The successful applicant will be expected to work closely with other researchers from multiple organizations, communicate effectively with many partners, and lead the field work and analysis. The goals of the study are to identify critical stopover areas used by male and female Kirtland’s Warblers, determine the impact of extrinsic factors (environmental conditions, ecological barriers, etc.) on migration departure, flight duration, and stopover duration, investigate potential sex-specific migration decisions, and investigate how anthropogenic threats (wind energy, building collisions, light pollution) may impact the migration of Kirtland’s Warblers. The student will work closely with project leaders Dr. Nathan Cooper (Migratory Bird Center, Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute) and Dr. Bryant Dossman (Georgetown University) and will be co-advised by Drs. Michael Ward and T.J. Benson at the University and Illinois and the Illinois Natural History Survey.

BS degree in wildlife management, ecology, or a related discipline. Applicants should demonstrate a strong interest in working with non-game birds and should possess relevant research experience. Experience capturing and tagging birds is required. Experience and interest conducting analysis on the movement of wildlife is preferred. The applicant should also possess excellent interpersonal and written and oral communication skills.

Send a cover letter and CV to References will be sought for finalists. Application materials should be submitted by Nov 5th, and the applicants will be reviewed in mid-November and informed if we encourage them to formally apply to the University of Illinois.

Start Date: 5/01/2024

Last Date to Apply: 11/05/2023

Salary: ~$2,550/month